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All-new cookies and cream flavor of Redcon1’s MRE Lite shows up at GNC

Redcon1 Cookies Mre Lite

An all-new flavor series recently released at the major supplement retailer GNC from the two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1 with the Lemonade Collection. It is a family of four Redcon1 products, all in a sweet and refreshing Lemonade flavor, featuring an alternative label design. They were and are still only available for purchase at GNC and not the brand’s own online store,

Another one of those flavors seems to have appeared this week in an alternatively branded product that has launched and is seemingly exclusive to the specialist supplement store GNC. The flavor that has shown up is a classic Cookies and Cream MRE Lite, something you won’t find listed over at, and as mentioned, it features a label design different from any other MRE Lite flavor.

If you’d like to give the product a try, you can simply head to GNC’s website and add the new Cookies and Cream MRE Lite to your cart at $44.99 for a tub of 30 servings. The retailer does have a sale at the moment, which includes MRE Lite, where you get 15% off, although unfortunately, it does not apply to the new Cookies and Cream flavor.

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