Redcon1 debuts its all-new Icy Lemonade flavor collection at GNC

Nov 27th, 2021
Redcon1 Icy Lemonade Total War

Something we’ve seen a lot of from Redcon1 this year, more than any other, is special edition and alternatively branded flavor collections. That is where the brand takes a usually unique or creative flavor and adds it to several different supplements, and they’re all given a specific look. A few series examples from Redcon1 include Dragon’s Blood, Sour Gummy, and Zombie Blood for Halloween.

There is now another special edition series from the brand, although this time, it’s not something you can find or purchase from its online store at If you head to the retailer GNC, you’ll see four of Redcon1’s popular supplements in an all-new Icy Lemonade flavor, and in the brand’s typical style, they feature a label design exclusive to Icy Lemonade that is themed around the flavor.

The Redcon1 supplements that have launched at GNC in the seemingly exclusive Icy Lemonade flavor are the stackable pre-workouts Total War and Big Noise, the creatine Tango, and the hydration formula Canteen. GNC’s website is still running its Black Friday sale where all of Redcon1 is buy one get one half price and if your order hits $125, you get an extra $20 off using the code “FRIDAY”.