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Rising Labs gets ready to make some noise in the New Year with two new pre-workouts

Rising Labs Overkill

It has been a fair amount of time since we’ve seen or heard any updates from the still very well-put-together brand Rising Labs from KC Mitchell, better known as That 1 Leg Monster. Ten months ago, the brand dropped its superfood supplement Symbiosis, which was the only update we shared from Rising Labs in the whole of 2021, although that silence is about to change.

Rising Labs has come out this week and announced that in the New Year of 2022, it is going to be making some significant moves, starting with the relaunch of two of its most popular supplements. The brand has unveiled new versions of its stimulant-powered pre-workout Overkill and stimulant-free pump pre-workout Primitive, which will have all-new looks, formulas, and flavors.

Rising Labs has not gone into too much detail yet about its revamped Overkill and Primitive; however, if you’re familiar with the brand, you know something new means improved, and its supplements are already quite solid. All of the action is, as mentioned, coming in the New Year, and we’ll be sharing it all when it becomes available, so Rising Labs fans will want to stay tuned.