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Premium brand Vayu to start the New Year with a dedicated focus supplement

Vayu Nootropic

Vayu is the black and red brand from the popular German supplement company ESN, which makes more premium sports nutrition products, including Intra, originally said to be built with no limit on budget. While Vayu is still a reputable, high-quality brand, it has been extremely quiet in 2021 compared to its debut year of 2020, launching just one supplement in the straightforward Instant Rice Pudding.

This coming Sunday, Vayu is releasing yet another entirely new product, although this one is a lot more complex than Instant Rice Pudding. Next up from the gradually growing brand is the simply named Vayu Nootropic. It is formulated to increase and enhance mental focus and cognition, and while we don’t know what any of its dosages are, Vayu has named the many ingredients making up its 13g serving.

The compounds brought together for Vayu Nootropic include rhodiola, phosphatidylserine, bacopa, green tea, choline bitartrate, green tea, ginkgo, CDP-choline, ginseng, and pine bark. The brand has also thrown in a few other ingredients for effects outside of the mental focus and cognition with hydration-supporting coconut water and to improve absorption; there is BioPerine and premium Astragin.

Once again, Vayu is officially launching Nootropic this coming Sunday, where we’ll get full details on the formula, revealing all of the hopefully transparent dosages of its more than ten ingredients. Be sure to tune back in then for the update and information on where you can go to get your hands on the supplement.