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Monster Ultra’s new Peachy Keen flavor hits Pick ‘n Save in 16oz and 12oz cans

Peachy Keen Monster Ultra 12oz Can

Peachy Keen is the newest flavor of our top-rated and top-tasting energy drink, Monster Ultra, featuring a sweet and refreshing peach taste. It was announced a few weeks ago and is showing up in stores this month, although there is a bit more to it. When we previewed Peachy Keen Monster Ultra, we did so in the beverage’s familiar 16oz can, which is not the only size it’s launched in.

Peachy Keen Monster Ultra is now available at the Kroger-owned supermarket Pick ‘n Save in that standard 16oz size with 150mg of caffeine and zero sugar, and Monster Ultra’s smaller 12oz or 355ml can. Some of the energy drink’s other flavors have the same sort of offering, including the original White Monster Ultra, and with that slimmer can does come less caffeine at 105mg.

Over on Pick ‘n Save’s online store, you can purchase Peachy Keen Monster Ultra in single 16oz cans at $2.79 each, although for the 25% smaller 12oz option, that comes in packs of six at $9.99, working out to $1.66 each.