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Classic Carrot Cake takes ANS’ Keto Cake Mix menu to a total of three

Ans Performance Carrot Cake Keto Cake Mix

It wasn’t that long ago ANS Performance released the second-ever flavor of its baking mix, Keto Cake Mix, for fans to make keto-friendly cakes in their own kitchens. The second flavor that dropped only three and a half months ago was Banana Nut Bread, which has just been followed up by another addition to the healthy baking product’s menu, taking it to a total of three flavors.

Now joining ANS Performance’s more recent Banana Nut Bread and the original Vanilla Keto Cake Mix is a keto-friendly take on the traditional carrot-based treat, Carrot Cake. The flavor fits right in alongside Banana Nut Bread and is available for purchase directly from the brand’s Canadian online store at $19.99 (15.81 USD) for enough powder to make a whole cake or eight muffins.

The nutrition profile on a serving of ANS Performance’s Carrot Cake Keto Cake Mix, is as mentioned, keto-friendly with that typically high fat at 10g, a moderate 4g of protein, only 3g of net carbohydrates, and 120 calories.