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AP Sports infuses its superfood supplement with gut and immune health ingredients

Ap Sports Regimen Greens And Fruits

One of the categories that saw a huge rise over the past couple of years, alongside the likes of plant-based protein powder and gaming supplements, is superfood formulas. Brands of all shapes and sizes, as well as audiences and markets, have put together something for the growing category, and now AP Sports Regimen is getting into the game with its simply named Greens and Fruits.

AP Sports Regimen’s Greens and Fruits features those two types of ingredients mentioned in its title, greens and fruits, alongside prebiotic fiber, probiotics for gut health, and a blend to support and strengthen immune health. The brand has thrown in quite a few greens and fruits, with a 5g blend of greens, including the likes of kale, barley grass, and spirulina, and a 1g blend of fruits or reds.

Ap Sports Regimen Greens And Fruits Label

The ingredients AP Sports Regimen has packed into Greens and Fruits for immune health are wrapped in a non-transparent blend, like the superfood ingredients with an 800mg combination of vitamin C, elderberry, beta glucan, grape seed, and pine bark.

AP Sports Regimen’s first entirely new supplement since Test Booster from September of last year is available first through its online store, where a tub of 30 full servings will cost you $44.99. The health, wellness, immunity, digestion, and gut health-supporting product comes in Pineapple Twist and Berry Gusher flavors, which we have to imagine taste great with the fierce competition that’s out there.