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Apple Granola Crunch flavor joins Icon’s protein-packed nut butter family

Apple Granola Crunch Icon Protein Butter

To close out the year that was 2021, meal prep company Icon Meals launched a nut butter in two flavors infused with whey protein isolate. The flavors were Blueberry Crumble which was almond-based, and White Chocolate, which was the more traditional peanut-based. To get things moving in 2022, the brand has added another flavor to the menu of its three-month-old Icon Protein Butter, and it does sound tasty.

Now available from Icon Meals for its high-protein nut butter is Apple Granola Crunch, and like White Chocolate, it has a peanut base. To ensure it delivers on that fairly complex flavor, the product is made with rolled oats, maple syrup, honey, apple, and cinnamon. The flavor extension’s macros are much the same as the other flavors with 10g of protein per serving, 8g of carbohydrates, 11g of fat, and 166 calories.

Icon Meals’ Apple Granola Crunch Icon Protein Butter is available now through its online store at $12.99 for a traditional 16oz jar, right in line with the original Blueberry Crumble and White Chocolate flavors.