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Icon Meals infuses clean and nutritious nut butter with premium whey isolate

Icon Protein Butter

Icon Meals, known for its great selection of healthy and nutritious prepared meals, dabbles in protein snacks and foods here and there, with items like its deliciously addictive Protein Popcorn and the incredible lean Wag Bar. To go with its Black Friday sale, where you get 30% off everything, the brand has added to that non-meal section of its lineup with an all-new product and flavor extensions.

The new flavors Icon Meals has dropped just in time for Black Friday are both for its high-calorie but absolutely delicious Protein Popcorn in a classic Cookies N’ Cream and the colorful Vanilla Twist. As for the entirely new product, the meal prep specialist has jumped into the world of nut butter, specifically protein nut butter with Icon Protein Butter, packing a heightened 10g of protein in a 28g serving.

Icon Meals makes Icon Protein Butter with two main ingredients in nuts and premium whey isolate to bump up the protein. The product has debuted in two flavors, each using a different nut in the peanut-based White Chocolate and almond-based Blueberry Crumble. The protein-packed spreads are available now through the brand’s website, and they are, of course, included in the Black Friday sale.

Icon Meals’ 30% discount for Black Friday gives its all-new Icon Protein Butter a competitive price tag, bringing White Chocolate down to $7 and Blueberry Crumble $9.09 a jar. Those flavor extensions of the brand’s Protein Popcorn get a nice drop from the promotion as well, lowering the regular bag price of $9.99 down to $7.