Arms Race builds out Sweendogg’s Black Cherry Series expanding it to three other products

Arms Race Nutrition Sweendogg Black Cherry Series

Way back in the middle of last year, Brand Of The Year nominee Arms Race Nutrition confirmed it was turning its flavor collaboration with Sam Sweeney or Sweendogg into an entire series. The brand originally only released Sweendogg’s flavor, Black Cherry, in its stimulant pre-workout Harness, although this week, it has finally got that complete series build-out.

Arms Race Nutrition and Sweendogg’s Black Cherry flavor is now available for many more supplements than just Harness. Fans can get Black Cherry in the stackable pump pre-workout Daily Pump, the amino Replenish, and the creatine formula Vigor. They all feature Sweendogg herself on the tub, and all aim to deliver that Black Cherry taste first seen in Harness.

You can purchase each of Sweendogg’s new Black Cherry supplements individually at their usual respective prices, or there is a limited edition, entire collection stack. Separately, one each of the Black Cherry products will cost you a combined $169.96, although, in the limited time bundle, you get one of each flavor for $149.99 plus a free sunflower print long sleeve.