Barbell Brigade creates a pineapple flavor for its premium immune health product

Barbell Brigade Agua De Pina Immunity Support

Yesterday we posted about a new flavor arriving tomorrow from the gym, clothing, and supplement company Barbell Brigade for its superfood product Performance Greens. That new flavor is the second-ever for the health and wellness supplement with its original option Lemon Lime to be joined by the traditional cucumber beverage Agua de Pepino.

It turns out, Barbell Brigade has a little more up its sleeve for tomorrow, as Agua de Pepino Performance Greens isn’t the only new product the brand is dropping. Alongside the flavor extension, Barbell Brigade is releasing another option for its other health and wellness supplement, Immunity Support, with the pineapple-based creation, Agua de Piña.

Like Performance Greens, Barbell Brigade’s Immunity Support currently comes in only one flavor, so something separate from its original Blood Orange will undoubtedly be appreciated by fans. Once again, both the Agua de Pepino Performance Greens and Agua de Piña Immunity Support are going live on the brand’s official online store sometime tomorrow.

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