GAAM Energy gets its first flavor for 2022 in Blueberry and Raspberry

Blueberry Raspberry Gaam Energy

Clean, straightforward, and smooth peanut butter isn’t all the house brand GAAM Nutrition from the retailer Proteinbolaget has released this week for its Swedish fan base. The always busy brand has also put together another flavor of its popular energizing beverage, GAAM Energy, taking its total number of ongoing options to just shy of double digits at nine.

Joining the product’s many other flavors, such as Havana Beach, Golden Apple, and Tropical Pineapple, is the two-part fruity recipe Blueberry and Raspberry. The new addition comes with all of the product’s usual highlights, including 180mg of caffeine and zero sugar, and it’s available straight from Proteinbolaget’s website in single cans, cases of 24, and bulk lots of 48.