Body Attack adds some crunch to its popular protein bar in Yambam Crunch

Jan 13th, 2022
Body Attack Yambam Crunch Protein Bar

The Yambam Protein Bar is a high-protein snack from German brand Body Attack known for its candy bar style build featuring the typical doughy base, a gooey layer, bits along the top, and covered in chocolate. The product comes in an impressive selection of flavors, and now the brand has pumped out a spin-off, introducing the Yambam Crunch Protein Bar.

The latest from Body Attack is another candy bar-style protein snack filled with crispy and crunchy pieces, hence the keyword in its name. The product is quite a bit smaller than the original Yambam Protein Bar at 55g but is expected to have the same sort of macro balance, which should give it around 18g of protein and somewhere in the realm of 210 calories.

Body Attack’s Yambam Crunch Protein Bar is not available yet, although it is set to make it out to stores and stockists sometime this month. The product is new, so it won’t have as many options on its menu as the Yambam Protein Bar, with just two to start in White Chocolate Rasberry Vanilla and Chocolate Brownie.