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Body Science’s simple Cream Of Rice gets its first actual flavor in Cinnamon

Body Science Cinnamon Cream Of Rice

House brand Body Science from the popular Swedish sports nutrition retailer MM Sports has had a cream of rice supplement in its lineup for a while, although it was only available unflavored. Many of the cream of rice products that have surfaced and made headlines over the past year have been all about flavors, and starting this week, Body Science’s competitor finally has something in that area.

Instead of just being available unflavored, MM Sports and Body Science’s simply named Cream Of Rice; can now be purchased in a Cinnamon flavor. It has all of the same great ingredients and nutrition, made exclusively with rice flour, cinnamon, salt, cardamom, and sucralose. MM Sports sells its first actual flavor of Cream Of Rice for the same as the original Unflavored at 149kr (16.49 USD) for a sizeable 1.5kg bag with 10 and 20% off two and three bags, respectively.