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Bombbar puts a good amount of protein and high carbs in its wholegrain Bombers Chips

Bombbar Bombers Protein Chips

Our back-to-back Functional Brand Of The Year Bombbar, from Russia, has another tasty creation to share with fans this week, introducing Bombers Protein Chips. It is a crispy, crunchy, and flavorful whole gain chip snack made with rice and corn, pea protein to give it a good amount of protein, and flavoring ingredients such as bacon and cheddar cheese flavor.

With rice as the main ingredient in Bombbar’s all-new Bombers Protein Chips, the carbohydrates are reasonably high in this one at 26 to 27g per 50g bag with 2g of that fiber. As promised, the product does pack a high amount of plant-based protein alongside the carbohydrates at a reasonable 8g, with the fat at 2g, giving you a total calorie count of 152.

Bombers Protein Chips from Bombbar come in two flavors to start, each featuring their own separate flavoring ingredients with the cheese overload Cheesy Cheese and an intriguing Bacon and Paprika. Both of those products are available now through the brand’s Russian website, and they’re competitively priced, coming in at 70₽ (0.92 USD) for a single bag.

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