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Bombbar drops another chip snack that’s not about being high in protein

Bombbar Snaq Fabriq Crispy Chips

Bombers Protein Chips isn’t the only snack Russian brand Bombbar has dropped this week; it’s also launched a second chip-style product, although under one of its sub-brands in Snaq Fabriq. The latest from Bombbar is more simply named Crispy Chips, and it is actually quite similar to the Bombers Protein Chips with a bag of light and crispy, rice-based chips.

The key difference between Bombbar’s Bombers Protein Chips and the Snaq Fabriq Crispy Chips is confirmed in the name, as Bombers are high in protein, whereas Crispy Chips are just clean and healthy chips. The product packs a low 3 to 4g of protein in a 50g bag, a gram of fat, high carbohydrates at 31 to 34g, no sugar, and a reasonable calorie count of 153 to 161.

Snaq Fabriq Crispy Chips are essentially a light non-high protein alternative to the Bombers Protein Chips or a no-sugar alternative to more mainstream chip snacks. You can purchase the product directly from Bombbar through its online store for a lot less than Bombers at 45₽ (0.59 USD) for a single bag in Tomato and Basil, and Sour Cream and Green Onion flavors.

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