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Bulk aims for a more gourmet experience in its latest vegan-friendly snack

Bulk Gourmet Vegan Protein Bar

Bulk is one of the many sports nutrition brands out of Europe that has a mountain of different snacks and treats on the market, each of which has something unique to them. Whether it be the creative format, alternative build, balance of protein, or type of ingredients, the brand has quite the variety, with this week bringing another on-the-go product to the Bulk family, specifically for its vegan fanbase.

Gourmet Vegan Protein Bar is the latest Bulk creation, designed to be a plant-based protein snack in bar format with more focus on delivering a great taste and texture, or gourmet experience. The product features a triple layer build providing 16 to 18g of vegan-friendly protein primarily from pea protein, 14 to 15g of carbohydrates, 2g or less of that sugar, 8.3 to 9.4g of fat, and calories in and around 191.

Bulk’s delicious-sounding Gourmet Vegan Protein Bar is available now through its online store in two flavors, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and the slightly higher protein with 18g, Cookies and Cream. Currently, the brand is only selling the plant-based snack in boxes of 12, not individually, at a price of £29.88 (40.78 USD), which works out to a reasonable £2.49 (3.40 USD) per bar.