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California Performance uses Perfect Day’s innovative animal-free whey in its debut protein

California Performance Co V Whey

When we first spotted Perfect Day’s incredibly innovative animal-free whey protein in Brave Robot’s ice cream, we’ve since been waiting for a sports nutrition brand to bring it to the supplement industry. What makes Perfect Day’s whey innovation so special is it’s technically identical to regular whey; however, it is produced by microflora, not cows, hence the animal-free claim.

California Performance Co is a relatively new brand that only hit the market in the last couple of months, and as far as we know, it is the first one to use that Perfect Day animal-free whey. California Performance makes one supplement in a protein powder powered by animal-free whey providing 20 to 23g of protein per serving, with its other macros being reasonably typical.

The California Performance Co product is called V-Whey, and it’s essentially driven by the benefits from Perfect Day’s exciting animal-free whey. Once again, it is bio-identical to regular whey, but comes with all of the benefits commonly found in plant-based protein powders; being more environmentally friendly, made without animals, and lactose-free.

You can purchase California Performance Co’s V-Whey from its website at $29.99 for a bag of 15 servings, which is definitely expensive compared to traditional whey and the many vegan protein powders out there. There are three flavors in Vanilla Sundae, Mixed Berry, and the higher protein Chocolate Brownie, which is the one we just ordered to find out the taste is like with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey.