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Chaos Crew’s Turk turns out as expected with a standalone turkesterone formula

Chaos Crew Turk

The UK-based brand Chaos Crew recently shared a sneak peek at an upcoming supplement with what appeared to be the title “Turk”. While we couldn’t see anything all that clearly, it was enough for us to suspect the brand is coming out with a turkesterone-based product. A week on from that teaser, Chaos Crew has revealed and released the supplement, and it is precisely what we suspected.

Fans of Chaos Crew can now pick up a standalone turkesterone product from the still-growing brand, featuring the common half a gram dose of ajuga turkestanica, standardized to 10% turkesterone. There are some brands that combine the increasingly popular ingredient with other compounds to further support muscle building, although Chaos Crew has indeed kept it simple for its competitor.

Chaos Crew’s Turkesterone is available now directly through the brand’s online store at £44.99 (60.98 USD) for a bottle of 60 servings, meaning it’ll supply you for the usual 30 days with half a gram of turkesterone twice a day.

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