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Chaos Crew teases what looks to be a turkesterone based capsule product

Chaos Crew Turkesterone

Dedicated turkesterone muscle-building supplements have become a bit of a trend over the past year or so, with many different brands getting in on the action, such as Darkside, Greg Doucette’s HTLT, and Raw. While most of the turkesterone products have been just the ingredient by itself, several have made things a little complex and combined it with complimenting compounds like Nutra Innovations’ Natty Bol.

Chaos Crew looks to be the latest well-known brand getting into the turkesterone market with a supplement simply named Turk. We don’t know anything 100% for sure yet, but Chaos Crew has shared the teaser image seen above, which is a bit blurred. While nothing is completely clear, we can see the title “Turk” and read what we believe to be “turkesterone”, hence the guess of a turkesterone product coming soon.

As correct as we think our guess is, Chaos Crew has not set a timeframe for the launch of its suspected turkesterone-based Turk, only to keep an eye out with the supplement just said to be coming soon.

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