G Fuel rebranding its icy cherry FaZe Clan flavor FaZe X as FaZe Freeze

Faze Freeze G Fuel

Tomorrow G Fuel is releasing a new flavor or at least a new spin on an already available flavor, which was put together in partnership with the eSports organization FaZe Clan. The flavor the gaming supplement category leader has decided to rebrand is FaZe X, originally released back in late 2020 in celebration of FaZe Clan’s tenth anniversary, and it’s also available for G Fuel’s Hydration product.

The FaZe X flavor doesn’t give you much indication of the taste in its name, although we can confirm it is an icy cherry combination, and for its rebrand it is being renamed to something a little more fitting in FaZe Freeze. As mentioned, G Fuel plans on launching its revamped FaZe Freeze for its flagship gaming supplement tomorrow through its online store at precisely 3PM Eastern Time on gfuel.com.

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