Spice specialist Flavor God gives Dairy-Free Creamer its first actual flavor

Flavor God Vanilla Ice Cream Dairy Free Creamer

The spice specialist Flavor God does make more than just clean and great-tasting spices; it also has the self-explanatory Dairy-Free Creamer for your favorite beverage made with coconut milk. Previously the functional product only came in one flavor, or lack thereof, in Unflavored, with this week finally giving the many fans of Flavor God an actual flavor of Dairy-Free Creamer.

Now available alongside Flavor God’s original Unflavored Dairy-Free Creamer is a sweet and undoubtedly enjoyable Vanilla Ice Cream. The macros on the product are zero protein and fat in a 2g serving with only a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar, and five calories. Flavor God’s Vanilla Ice Cream Dairy-Free Creamer is available through its online store with a couple of options.

Directly from its website, the brand has an 85 serving bag of its second flavor of Dairy-Free Creamer at $12.99 each. There is also the Coffee Lovers Pack with a bag of Vanilla Ice Cream, three bottles of spices, and an ebook at $29.95. Unfortunately, only the bundle is currently in stock, so if you want to try the product, you’ll need to purchase more than the Dairy-Free Creamer.