Long-awaited Core Collagen flavors arriving around March and will include fruit options

Jan 12th, 2022
Core Nutritionals Flavored Core Collagen

Almost one year ago, our Brand Of The Year and Brand Of The Decade nominee Core Nutritionals, confirmed it was working on actual flavors of its Core Commodities supplement Core Collagen. The product itself is as straightforward as collagen comes, featuring only hydrolyzed collagen peptides at 11g per serving, providing 10g of protein and 40 calories.

We are now much closer to Core Nutritionals’ actual flavors of Core Collagen, as it has revealed more precisely what options fans are getting and roughly when they’ll be available. Sometime in March and April, the brand is releasing its Core Commodities collagen supplement in Chocolate and two more unique options in Peach Mango, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Core Nutritionals is certainly setting up for an extremely busy first half of the year or just the first few months, as Core Collagen isn’t all the reputable brand has coming. Core Electrolytes is still set to drop within the next few months, as well as the start of the Crush It Kids series of gummy supplements and the delicious, dessert-like Core Pudding in three flavors.

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