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Fokken Nuts names its other Cereal Series flavors including Lucky Marbits

Fokken Nuts Lucky Marbits

Last week the clean and nutritious nut butter brand Fokken Nuts from IFBB Pro Brandon Fokken announced the coming of a fun, exciting, and nostalgic collection of flavors. The upcoming line is called the Cereal Series, and it is made up of four flavors of healthy peanut butter, each themed around a classic childhood cereal such as the colorful Flint Chips inspired by Fruity Pebbles.

Since that announcement, Fokken Nuts has named the other three flavors in its intriguing new Cereal Series, and they all look and sound just as delicious as Flint Chips. Those other options in the collection are; Cinnamon Toasties, seemingly inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Cuckoo Puffs, based on the chocolaty Cocoa Puffs; and the Lucky Charms-themed Lucky Marbits.

We still don’t have a firm launch date for Fokken Nuts’ special edition Cereal Series, although with all four of the flavors now confirmed, we have to imagine they are dropping sooner rather than later.

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