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Greg Doucette releases his promised and much improved fat burner G Shred

Htlt G Shred

One of the first supplements Greg Doucette’s now very comprehensive brand released was a stimulant-powered fat burner, which wasn’t as well-dosed as his other debut products. Quickly following that launch, Doucette came out and said the simply named HTLT Fat Burner wasn’t up to his standard. He immediately dropped the price of the supplement and promised to come out with an all-new competitor named G Shred.

Greg Doucette and HTLT’s weight loss product G Shred has officially arrived this week, and it does indeed feature a much better formula with a wide variety of fat-burning ingredients, all at respectable dosages. We’ve added the facts panel for HTLT’s much-improved entry in the fierce category below, including some strong highlights in its sizeable maximum serving size of six capsules, with several reliable and premium ingredients.

Htlt G Shred Label

As you can see in the facts panel of HTLT’s G Shred, it’s broken up into four sections, listing the dosages for specific amounts of capsules. At the far end, you have the maximum serving featuring carnitine tartrate at 2g, which is 20 times more than the original HTLT Fat Burner had. Alongside that, you have the likes of 50mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise, 600mg of alpha-GPC for focus, and a combined 240mg of caffeine.

HTLT’s entire G Shred formula is built to primarily support and improve overall weight loss, as well as increase energy and enhance mental focus. G Shred is much more in line with the ingredients and dosages backing its other advanced sports nutrition supplements and a fitting replacement. The fat-burning product is available from HTLT’s online store at $49 for a bottle of 20 maximum servings or $40 each for three bottles.