Previously exclusive Electric Blue DVST8 BBD finally coming to stores in Australia

Inspired Electric Blue Dvst8 Bbd

In 2021, down under in Australia and New Zealand, Inspired launched an exclusive new flavor of the stimulant pre-workout only available in that region with DVST8 BBD. It was actually a whole flavor series with the blue raspberry creation called Electric Blue for the pre-workout DVST8 BBD, the brand’s reputable fat burner Ember, and its full-spectrum EAA Amino.

The latest news from Inspired in that part of the world is to start the New Year, the Brand Of The Year for 2019 is launching that Electric Blue DVST8 BBD in the rest of its retailers. As mentioned, previously you could only get the special edition blue raspberry flavor from the New Zealand supplement retailer ASN, keeping it from the brand’s many fans in Australia.

Inspired’s premier distributor for Australia and New Zealand is Nutrition Systems, which stores and stockists in Australia can reach out to now to pre-order the originally exclusive Electric Blue DVST8 BBD.

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