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Swebar turns Sweden’s traditional Kärleksmums into a flavor of its protein bar

Karleksmums Swebar

Sweden’s popular protein bar, appropriately named Swebar from the brand of the same name, has many different tastes to choose from, a lot of those being local-inspired flavors. The product has the usual Chocolate, Raspberry Praline, Rocky Road, and then your much more creative efforts like Chokladboll, Polka, and Raspberry Licorice.

Swebar and its signature protein snack are adding to its already extensive menu this week with yet another unique option, something you won’t be as familiar with if you’re not from Sweden. The flavor is Kärleksmums, which commonly translates to Love Treats, which is a small, square chocolate and coffee cake topped with delicious coconut.

The Kärleksmums Swebar intends to deliver that traditional combination of chocolate, coffee, and coconut in the form of a protein bar, packing 14.8g of protein and around 220 calories. The product is available now in the brand’s home country of Sweden, once again, alongside Swebar’s already massive selection of common and uncommon flavors.

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