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Protein powders following Klout’s spree of releases to start the New Year

Klout Pwr Protein Powders

To start the New Year, the still relatively fresh and young supplement company Klout PWR, now more simply referred to as Klout, launched three all-new products, each for a popular category. The list of drops included the comprehensive amino formula Nero, the stimulant-powered pre-workout Karma, and the stackable, stimulant-free pre-workout Realm.

While three complex and advanced supplements are plenty to start 2022 strong, that’s apparently not all it has up its sleeve. Klout has quickly followed the release of those three products with a teaser of two more entirely new creations. All the brand has confirmed outside of the teaser is that the supplements are going to be separate protein powders.

You can see a silhouette of the products in Klout’s teaser image, showing one is bigger than the other, which suggests to us one is a more traditional lean protein powder, and the other maybe a meal replacement of some sort. Regardless of what we think they are, the brand is going to reveal all you need to know about both of the supplements on Sunday and Tuesday, so be sure to stay tuned.

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