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German rapper Kollegah is coming out with a pre-workout named BossMode

Kollegah Alpha Holistics Bossmode

Kollegah is a popular rapper from Germany who is about to enter the world of sports nutrition supplements with his own brand of stimulant-powered pre-workout. The multi-gold and platinum-selling artist has shared a sneak peek, which you can see for yourself in the image above, featuring a product called BossMode under the name Alpha Holistics.

All we have to go off at the moment are those few details, including that Kollegah’s brand name is Alpha Holistics, its first supplement will be BossMode, and it is going to be a pre-workout. We do have a tub weight of 350g, meaning if it has the common 20 full servings per tub, you’re looking at a 17.5g serving, giving Kollegah plenty of room for a solid formula.

As we always say, the tub weight and serving size don’t really tell a guaranteed story about how well-put-together a product will be, but it gives some sort of idea. We’ll share more information on Kollegah’s Alpha Holistics and its upcoming pre-workout BossMode when it becomes available, and we definitely look forward to seeing how it all turns out.