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Lohilo puts swirls of chocolate and hazelnut into its Lohinella protein ice cream

Lohilo Lohinella Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo is one of the reputable functional companies out there that has its hand in the frozen food section as well as healthy snacks and beverages. Not only does the Swedish brand make frozen products, but they’re absolutely delicious, including its flavorful high-protein ice cream, which is widely available in the Nordic region in a strong selection of flavors.

Lohilo’s protein ice cream is welcoming a fresh new option to its lineup this week with something you could probably guess the flavor based on the name. Lohinella is the newest extension of the brand’s tasty ice cream, of course, featuring a Nutella-like experience with vanilla-flavored ice cream and sweet swirls of decadent chocolate and creamy hazelnut.

The product’s nutrition profile is as strong as Lohilo’s other protein ice creams packing 19g of protein in an entire box, 28g of carbohydrates with 5.4g of sugar, 15g of fat, and 282 calories. The vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut Lohinella protein ice cream has been unveiled today and sounds like it’ll be in all of the usual stores and stockists in the coming weeks.

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