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Gym-N-Juice and Rocket Pop double the list of flavors for Low Stim Bucked Up Energy

Low Stim Bucked Up Energy Drink Rocket Pop

When Bucked Up launched its lower-stimulant Bucked Up Energy drink, it did so in only two flavors, both of which were from the menu of its regular, black-branded beverage in Mango Tango and Pink Lemonade. The key difference with that Low Stim Bucked Up Energy is that it has one-third of the caffeine of the original at only 100mg a can, which is still alongside Dynamine, TeaCrine, and AlphaSize.

Just over a year after the debut of Bucked Up’s less energizing Bucked Up Energy drink, the brand is back to finally add more flavors to the product’s menu. Bucked Up has two new tastes now available for the beverage, doubling its previous range of options, although once again, they’re both from the regular Bucked Up Energy. Those flavors are Gym-N-Juice and the Bomb Pop-inspired Rocket Pop.

You can grab either or both of Bucked Up’s Gym-N-Juice and Rocket Pop Low Stim Bucked Up Energy drinks from the brand’s online store, where they are currently on sale at $29.99 for a case of cans down from the product’s usual $34.99.

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