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Muscle Nation puts real honeycomb pieces into its newest flavor of Custard

Muscle Nation Chocolate Honeycomb Custard

Australian brand Muscle Nation is first and foremost a fitness apparel company; that’s what it started out as, then it eventually got into the world of sports nutrition supplements in a significant way. The brand has all sorts of products available, from stimulant and stimulant-free pre-workouts to different types of protein powder, including the casein-based Custard.

Today, Muscle Nation has released a new line of clothing named the Sun Soaked Collection, and with that has come two fun flavor extensions, each for a separate supplement. One of those flavors is for that custard-like casein protein powder Custard with Chocolate Honeycomb featuring real honeycomb pieces, and the other one is Creaming Soda for its fat burner Destiny.

Both Chocolate Honeycomb Custard and Creaming Soda Destiny are in stock and available on Muscle Nation’s online store alongside its Sun Soaked Collection at $68.17 (48.18 USD) for the protein and $54.54 (38.54 USD) for the fat burner.