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Limited Panther Juice combines Myoband’s Oblivion with carbohydrates

Myoband Panther Juice

It’s not often you see a supplement company release a limited edition product, and most of the time, it is in regards to some sort of flavor or a spin-off. Occasionally we see brands do a limited-time supplement, something that is not around permanently and has a completely different set of ingredients and dosages from anything else it has available.

Myoband has launched one of those rare limited edition products, introducing Panther Juice. Myoband’s Panther Juice is a comprehensive post-workout featuring a balanced ratio of protein to carbohydrates. Each serving of the product has 7.5g of protein from casein and 24.3g of carbohydrates from a blend of cyclic dextrin, fructose, and maltodextrin.

Panther Juice is essentially just like Myoband’s flagship supplement Oblivion, but with the added carbohydrates, as similar to Oblivion, it also has 5g of BCAAs per serving and roughly the same amount of creatine monohydrate at 1.8g. It is an ideal product for right after your workout to improve growth and recovery, and you can, of course, scale the serving to suit your needs.

Myoband’s Panther Juice is available now through its online store in the one Blackcurrant flavor, which is one of the many options Oblivion has to choose from. It is, however, slightly more expensive than that supplement, and it has fewer servings at £40 (54.23 USD) for a tub of 25 servings, and once again, it is only around for a limited time.