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Refreshing mint chocolate flavor arrives for Nick’s mouthwatering Cookie Kräm

Nicks Mint Chokladchip Cookie Kram

It was only last month the delicious functional food company Nick’s, dropped the third flavor of its truly mouthwatering protein ice cream sandwich Cookie Kräm. That flavor was the chocolate overload Triple Choklad featuring tasty chocolate-flavored ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies packed full of chocolate chips.

Nick’s has released yet another flavor of Cookie Kräm, just a month and a half after Triple Choklad, and once again, it is a delicious chocolaty creation. The brand’s newest flavor extension is the classic combination of chocolate and mint. It is named Mint Chokladchip, featuring mint ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip-filled chocolate cookies.

You can grab Nick’s Mint Chokladchip Cookie Kräm from its US-exclusive online store in several bundle options. The product has a price of $6.99 for a single ice cream cookie sandwich, with double, triple, and all the way up to eight-sandwich bundles, although they all work out to the same $6.99 per sandwich.

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