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NOCCO welcomes in the New Year with a stylishly branded Ramonade Focus

Nocco Ramonade Focus

In Sweden, the functional beverage brand NOCCO has quite a few products available outside of its signature BCAA-infused energy drink. There is the low-calorie NOCCO Ice Pops, the pre-workout drink PWO, and NOCCO Focus. The last one on that list is quite an interesting one, as the brand releases flavors for it in sequence; for example, Melon Crush is named Focus 2, and its Legend Soda flavor is Focus 4.

NOCCO has now launched what would traditionally be called Focus 5 with its fifth-ever flavor in the stylishly branded Ramonade. The product gets its intriguing name from the variety of fruits it’s based on: apple, melon, and tropical rambutan. NOCCO Focus Ramonade is said to be hitting stores and stockists in Sweden next week with all of Focus’ usual features in no sugar, 180mg of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals.

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