Two more authentic Entenmann’s flavors planned for later this year

Obvi Entenmanns Two More Flavors

Obvi had its best year to date in 2021, truly blowing us away with the consistency, creativity, and effort it put into the brand, hence why it went on to win our Brand Of The Year Award. We decided to kick off the return of our podcast with an interview with one of the great minds behind Obvi in Ronak Shah, to talk about how everything played out in 2021 and the many exciting products it has to come.

You can catch our full Stack3d Podcast interview with Ronak Shah on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud, and it’s certainly worth the 35 minutes if you’re a fan of the industry or Obvi. Ronak discusses how the mountain of supplements releases and flavor extensions it put out in 2021 came to be and how organization played an incredibly important role in the execution.

As well as going over the planning and many launches Obvi squeezed into the 12 months of 2021, Ronak Shah also touches on the many exciting items it has up its sleeve for 2022. He explains that while last year involved a lot of drops, one after another, from January through to December, this year Obvi is aiming to do more of what works with fewer new products, but they’ll be more significant.

Some of the upcoming supplements Obvi and Ronak Shah have planned for the New Year include an expansion of its Entenmann’s collaboration, which started with an authentic Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor of Super Collagen Protein. Later this year, the brand is dropping two more Entenmann’s flavors, presumably for Super Collagen Protein, although there is no word on what will separate their flavor from that first collaboration.

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