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Obvi creates a custom fruity cereal candle to set the mood for Valentine’s Day

Obvi Valentines Day Fruity Cereal Candle

Around this time last year, Obvi came out with a mood, libido, and pleasure supplement by the name of Lust, featuring the tagline “Spark The Romance In You”. The brand timed the arrival of the product with Valentine’s Day, fitting, of course, for the type of supplement and its benefits. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner this year, Obvi has once again put together something special.

For Valentine’s Day in 2022, Obvi has a custom, exclusive, and limited item that will be thrown in free with every order of that Valentine’s suited supplement, Lust. The freebie is the ideal mood-setting accessory with a fruity cereal scent and realistic, decorative wax Froot Loops. The promotion is kicking off sometime next week and it’ll be exclusively available for a limited time through

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