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ProBrands drops its first Vacay Edition for 2022 in the citrusy Sicily Limonata

Probrands Sicily Limonata Vacay Edition

Starting in 2020, ProBrands has been releasing two Vacay Edition flavors of its flagship functional beverage, combining recovery-supporting aminos and a reliable dose of caffeine for energy. Those flavors have been some truly intriguing creations with the likes of Paradise Twist, Pink Lemonade, Palma Beach, and Rio de Janeiro, featuring a tropical and refreshing mix of passionfruit and pineapple.

While all of ProBrands’ past Vacay Editions have hit the market around April, the Swedish functional company has dropped its first Vacay Edition for 2022 right in the first month of the year. The name of ProBrands’ fifth Vacay flavor that’s available now, is Sicily Limonata, a citrusy lemon recipe, packing the beverage’s usual 1.5g of BCAAs, a suitable 105mg of caffeine for anytime energy, and no sugar.

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