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Slew of flavors coming to Muscle Nation’s vegan Custard in the next couple of weeks

Muscle Nation New Flavors Of Custard Plant Protein 1

We’ve seen quite a few custard-style protein powders out of Australia, which is typically a supplement with a thicker consistency allowing you to make things like protein sludge or, as mentioned, custard. Muscle Nation is one of the brands that have that style of protein powder in its lineup, and it appropriately calls it Custard, although, in late 2021, it did something we had yet to see from anyone.

Muscle Nation created a plant-based version of its Custard product, which tries to achieve the same experience as the original, but with a vegan-friendly formula. You can have the supplement as a traditional shake or with less water as a custard or protein sludge, with each serving packing 20 to 23g of protein from pea protein, between 5 and 7g of carbohydrates, and 5 to 7g of fat.

The fat and carbohydrates do end up pushing the calorie count on Muscle Nation’s Custard Plant Protein a little higher than normal at 172 to 176. The macros vary slightly from flavor to flavor, of which there is currently only one to choose from in Double Chocolate. The brand, however, has four more options coming later this month in Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Apple Crumble, and Cinnamon Churros.

Muscle Nation is planning to release its slew of new flavors of Custard Plant Protein between now and the end of the month with bags of 25 servings set to cost fans $69.99 (50.90 USD) directly from the brand’s online store.