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Chocolate Orange comes to UFIT’s 330ml protein shake for a limited time

Ufit Chocolate Orange Protein Rtd

The UK’s popular on-the-go protein specialist UFIT has a new limited flavor out this week for its flagship 330ml protein shake, packing a solid 25g of protein and already available in a great selection of flavors. Some of those options for that product spread across the region include your usual Chocolate and Vanilla, White Chocolate, Fudge Brownie, Iced Latte, and the Christmassy, Frosted Gingerbread.

The latest creation from the team at UFIT is a common flavor combination in the UK with the sweet, rich, and citrus recipe, Chocolate Orange. The limited release packs the product’s usual 25g of protein, 11.6g of carbohydrates with most of that sugar, a gram of fat, and a lean 158 calories. UFIT’s Chocolate Orange protein shake is already in stock in its online store at £15 (20.33 USD) for a pack of ten bottles.

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