Refreshing Watermelon Burst up next for C4’s energy and focus beverage

Watermelon Burst C4 Smart Energy

When it comes to the beverage market with the sports nutrition giant Cellucor, a lot of its focus or at least flavor extensions have been for its original energy drink entry, C4 Energy. The popular and internationally available product boasts an impressive selection of options with the likes of Tropical Blast, Sour Batch Bros, Cotton Candy, and, of course, the recently released authentic Skittles.

C4 Smart Energy is another beverage from Cellucor, known for its slightly different combination of ingredients compared to C4 Energy, with its goal being to improve and enhance energy and mental focus. That product was introduced back in early 2020 in four flavors, with Black Cherry coming later that year, Icy Blue Razz early last year, and now we have its seventh flavor to share.

Coming soon to any of Cellucor’s usual retailers stocking its InovaTea and Cognizin-powered energy drink is a refreshing Watermelon Burst C4 Smart Energy. It’ll have all of the product’s usual highlights, including premium Cognizin citicoline to support the mental focus side of the experience, 200mg of natural caffeine from InnovaTea, and all without any sugar, carbs, or calories.

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