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Walmart’s Blue and Yellow Limoncello Bang is now available from Bang’s online store

Blue And Yellow Limoncello Bang Energy Drink Direct

An all-new flavor of the popular Bang Energy drink recently surfaced at the major retailer Walmart with the unique and intriguing Blue and Yellow Limoncello. The product is exclusive to Walmart, similar to The Vitamin Shoppe and Nectarine Blueberry; however, unlike that Vitamin Shoppe flavor, Blue and Yellow Limoncello is also now available to purchase directly from the brand’s online store.

You can grab the Blue and Yellow Limoncello Bang Energy drink at Walmart and from, where the beverage’s latest flavor will cost you the usual direct price of $26.99 for a case of 12 cans. It is worth noting the beverage brand does have a listing for Vitamin Shoppe’s Nectarine Blueberry Bang Energy on its website, although you can’t order anything, it links through to the retailer’s website.

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