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X50’s first bar is a candy alternative instead of a protein-packed snack

X50 Choc Zero

Australian brand X50 is known for its original hit green tea supplement and various spin-offs, and it has expanded into many other areas of the market since then, including beauty and pre-workout. It recently released another format of product that it had yet to touch with its first-ever bar in the plant-based Choc Zero, and in typical X50 fashion, it is not what you’d expect.

X50’s Choc Zero isn’t a protein-packed snack or anything like that; it is intended to be a healthier chocolate bar made only with clean ingredients, very little sugar, and no added sugar. There are an impressive eight variants of the product, each produced with a slightly different set of ingredients, such as Mylk Chocolate with Strawberry and Dark Chocolate with Almonds.

To give you an idea of the macros you get from X50’s Choc Zero, its straightforward Mylk Chocolate flavor has under a gram of protein, 14g of carbohydrates with 1.2g of that sugar, 14g of fat, and a reasonable 189 calories. The product and its many options are now available in Australia, with X50’s own website selling Choc Zero in single 50g bars at $6 (4.21 USD) each.

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