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Xplosiv carries over its entire pre-workout formula into the Ping Extreme beverage

Xplosiv Ping Extreme Beverage

Supplement retailer Xplosiv first came out with the Ping energy drink, featuring a relatively light set of pre-workout type ingredients, including 980mg of citrulline and 1.05g of beta-alanine. That product was followed by the more respectably dosed Ping Extreme pre-workout in traditional powder format, and now Xplosiv has introduced its all-new Ping Extreme beverage.

The newest Ping supplement or product is essentially that better-dosed and more comprehensively formulated Ping Extreme but in the form of a carbonated energy drink. The Ping Extreme beverage has all of the same main ingredients as the original pre-workout supplement and in all of the same dosages with 3.2g of beta-alanine, 350mg of caffeine, and 250mg of English walnut.

It is quite impressive to see Xplosiv carry over its entire Ping Extreme pre-workout formula into the Ping Extreme beverage, giving fans a more high-powered alternative to its original Ping energy drink. The product is available through Xplosiv’s online store to ship on January 10th at $59.95 (40.71 USD) for a case of 12 cans in the same four flavors as the Ping Extreme pre-workout.