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Ambrosia creates an entire product around Irish Moss for natural rejuvenation

Ambrosia Sea Moss

As mentioned many times before, the collective company Ambrosia from Marc Lobliner, Sean Torbati, and Mike Rashid is a premium brand that carefully picks the categories it enters. Ambrosia tends to come out with incredibly unique supplements or enter up-and-coming areas about to become a trend. This week the brand has dropped another all-new product, and once again, it is marching to its own beat.

Sea Moss is the latest innovation out of the Ambrosia Collective, featuring just one key ingredient promising natural rejuvenation from the sea. The supplement promotes benefits like elevated energy, improved digestion, and thyroid support, all from organic sea moss, as the name suggests. The main ingredient is a kind of red algae referred to as Irish moss, which the brand has wrapped up in capsules at half a gram in each.

Ambrosia classifies its red algae Sea Moss product as a superfood formula, and due to its simplicity, it can be stacked with any of the brand’s other supplements, including its original and more complex superfood cocktail Nektar. The formula behind Sea Moss is also reflected in its price, with a full-size bottle of the newest Ambrosia product priced at $29.99 through the brand’s website, with enough capsules to last a month.