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Anabolic Warfare’s second Project supplement supports both leaning and muscle building

Anabolic Warfare Project Cuts

Anabolic Warfare recently came out with a turkesterone-based muscle-building supplement by the name of Project Hulk, combining turkesterone with the absorption enhancing BioPerine black pepper. Keeping in line with that naming convention, the brand has gone ahead and released another Project titled product, formulated to take you in the other direction with the fat burner Project Cuts.

Project Cuts from Anabolic Warfare comes packed full of ingredients to do a little more than support weight loss; it also aims to support stress, anxiety, strength, and definition, making for quite a unique supplement. Its lead features are both premium, studied, and proven branded ingredients with 325mg of RipFactor and 300mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha for muscle strength, mass, and recovery.

Anabolic Warfare Project Cuts Label

You can see the rest of the formula behind Anabolic Warfare’s Project Cuts in the image above, with many other ingredients in the mix such as 100mg of brassaiopsis, methoxyflavone, 7-keto DHEA, DIM, and emodin. The product certainly doesn’t have your traditional mix of stimulants and weight loss ingredients; Project Cuts is really more of a hybrid leaning, muscle building supplement.

Project Cuts can be stacked with Anabolic Warfare’s turkesterone-powered Project Hulk to bring benefits from both products together and give you more support on the muscle-building side of things. The latest premium Project supplement does come at a high price compared to other competitors in the category, as a bottle of 30 servings to get you through a full month will cost you $72.99.