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Latest teaser from ASC gives fans a first look at its muscle-building Fuerte Series

Asc Supplements Fuerte Series

Hardcore brand ASC Supplements has announced the coming of the Fuerte Series, which from what we can tell, is not a line of essential or straightforward products despite the more spacious, simpler branding. You can get a look at a supplement from the series or at least a teaser for it in the image above, which, again, is a little less busy and complicated compared to the brand’s reputable releases like El Jefe, Sicario, and Demonio.

There are currently two products planned for ASC Supplements’ Fuerte Series with a testosterone boosting formula and a natural muscle builder. It is those two types of products that have us thinking the Fuerte family is far from your typical basic essential series. The brand has not said anything more about the collection, although it’ll be great to see how it turns out as ASC has yet to dip its toes into the space of muscle-building supplements.