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Switch On Review: Brain Gains changes make for an unmatched nootropic experience

Brain Gains Switch On Review

Last year, UK nootropic brand Brain Gains relaunched its signature supplement Switch On and the stimulant-infused variant Switch On Black, both featuring improved formulas. The impressive thing about the change was both products were already packed out with more ingredients and promising dosages than we see in the majority of the competitors in the focus category.

Quickly following the news of Brain Gains updating Switch On and Switch On Black, we got our hands on the new and improved supplements for review. We already had the original stimulant-free Switch On in our list of top five focus products, so we definitely had to give the revamp a try, and it turns out the tweaks the brand made were more than enough to move it up the list.

Brain Gains Switch On Review


From today, Brain Gains’ Switch On is our number one focus supplement due to its incredible comprehensiveness, effectiveness, versatility, and reliability. Like the first version of Switch On, the product gives you everything you could want in a nootropic. It has noticeably increased alertness and cognition to really turn up your productivity and output to level ten, and laser focus to keep you zoned in on whatever it is you’re doing.

All of those benefits are simply lifted a notch in the recently reformulated Switch On, which, if you missed the announcement, features the same ingredients and dosages as its predecessor plus EnXtra, Zynamite, Zembrin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. The additions seem to make the experience even more complete and balanced than it already was, where you’re functioning more efficiently and for a longer time.

Brain Gains Switch On Review

The reliability of Brain Gains’ 2021 edition of Switch On also seems to be a bit different where the benefits don’t fade, and they’re as noticeable in your last serving as much as the first. We put the supplement to use once every two or three days, and it was on point every time, delivering a level of consistency that’s not easy to find in the competitive world of nootropics.


Another important area of Switch On, and this is something we wanted to touch on as it involves Switch On Black, is versatility. Switch On is stimulant-free, and despite that, it still provides one of the best focus-fueling experiences we’ve ever had. The fact that it has no stimulants means you can stack it with an energy drink or any other caffeine source so you can decide the level of energy you want.

An interesting strategy we found when using Switch On and Switch On Black for review, is they essentially have all of the same ingredients and dosages, minus the stimulants, so they stack together perfectly. We don’t like our caffeine as high as it is in Switch On Black, but a nice solution is half a serving (one scoop) of each version of Switch On, and you get the best of both worlds. You can split it other ways, such as half a scoop of one and one a half of the other, just make sure you get two scoops in total.

Brain Gains Switch On Black

The added energy component of Switch On Black doesn’t throw off the focus, cognition, alertness, or anything like that; it simply infuses the experience with more urgency and lifts the body’s energy to match that of the mind. The stacking approach is a must-try for fans of nootropic products as it basically gets you the more complex energy of Switch On Black tailored to your liking, plus all of the focus-power of Switch On.


Going into the new version of Switch On, we kind of expected much of the same as the previous one, although we were surprised to find it is indeed that step up Brain Gains was going for with the handful of changes it made. It is indeed the most comprehensive nootropic supplement that’s come across our desk, with an unmatched balance of focus, concentration, cognition, drive, and alertness, and you can add as much energy you want.

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