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Bulk gives vegan fans a powder to make plant-based protein pancakes

Bulk Vegan Protein Pancake Mix

Bulk is one of the absolutely giant supplement companies over in Europe, more specifically the UK, and when we mean large, it is in the same sort of realm as the likes of Myprotein, XXL Nutrition, and Scitec. The brand is consistently busy from the first month of the year to the last, and to close out the month of February, we have another addition to its selection to share.

The many fans of Bulk can now make pancakes that are packed full of protein in a slightly different way from its already available Protein Pancake Mix. The latest from the brand is Vegan Protein Pancake Mix, which is essentially a plant-based, vegan-friendly version providing a solid 18g of protein in a 50g serving of the powder from Artsea chickpea protein and pea isolate.

The other macros filling out the nutrition profile of Bulk’s Vegan Protein Pancake Mix are 22g of carbohydrates with only 1.2g of that sugar, 3.4g of fiber, 1.1g of fat, and 175 calories. At the moment, the product has three flavors on its menu in Lemon, Vanilla, and Maple Syrup, with a price of £14.99 (20.42 USD) for a 500g bag or £24.99 (34.04 USD) for a double size 1kg.