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Upcoming Natty Stack combines turk and laxo with ingredients for pumps and focus

Chaos Crew Natty Stack

Chaos Crew from the UK recently released a standalone turkesterone supplement simply named Turkesterone, and featuring the muscle-building ingredient standardized to 10% from half a gram ajuga turkestanica. Like what Nutra Innovations did, Chaos Crew has revealed another product with turkesterone, although it’s in the mix with a few other key compounds.

Coming soon from Chaos Crew is Natty Stack, a supplement powered by four ingredients to support and improve muscle strength and size, muscle pumps, and mental focus. It has the same daily dose of turkesterone as the brand’s standalone product at a gram of ajuga turkestanica, alongside a hefty 200mg of laxogenin, half a gram of Cellflo6, and 65mg of the patented Brainberry.

The inclusion of Cellflo6 and Brainberry certainly turn Natty Stack into a rather unique supplement, as mentioned, supporting focus and pumps, as well as muscle strength and size. The brand is planning to drop the multi-benefit product sometime very soon, and obviously, being a UK-based company, that is where you’ll need to be or purchase from to get your hands on it.